Would you eat warm pork scratchings? New South Yorkshire firm Beerpig installing heaters on bars

A new company is taking pork scratchings to a crackling new level - by warming them up.

Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 2:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 2:49 pm

Beerpig has already installed 250 warming cabinets on bars which they say transform the flavour of the traditional pub favourite.

The pair behind the idea are John Walker and David Mace, based in Rotherham.

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The Beer Pig team.

They had a pub snacks business but lost all their customers in the pandemic. During lockdown John experimented by warming his favourite snack and when that proved a hit, the duo devised a special cabinet. As soon as the restrictions were lifted, the new enterprise took off.

Pork scratchings are cooked pig skin, with the odd hair, that hardens on cooling.

They are believed to have originated from the Black Country in the early 1800s, but first became a staple of pubs in the 1930s.

The UK market is estimated to be worth £28 million today.

John Walker, co-founder, Beerpig said: “Pork scratchings are the most popular pub snack in the UK, yet despite their popularity, the way they are sold has hardly changed since they were first developed nearly 200 years ago.

“We approached Launchpad for help fairly early on in our business journey and Darren and the team have been incredibly supportive.”

Beerpig had assistance from business support programme Launchpad.

Darren McDool, Launchpad adviser, said: “Like any true entrepreneur, John and David spotted new opportunities when faced with adversity, and despite being forced to radically transform their original plans, almost overnight, they were able to adapt their business model and tap into new ways of generating revenue for the business.”

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