Workers wish they could be own boss

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THE entrepreneurs of tomorrow are more like to come from Sheffield than London, new findings reveal.

Yorkshire and Humber and the North East have been identified as hotspots for new business start-ups over the next two years.

Retail is the sector in which most people are planning to start their business, with 17 per cent of the 3,000 people surveyed hoping to launch their own shops or online boutiques.

Vintage clothing and cake decorating are among the most popular ideas.

Providing services to businesses, such as advertising, graphic design and accountancy, was the next most common proposal.

One in four people nationally told researchers Sage they wanted to start a new business, with over a third of people saying they were motivated by a desire to do something they are passionate about as their full time job.

Would-be business owners are also driven by wanting to make more money and have greater control over their working day by being their own boss.