Woman, 24, refused PG DVD at Sheffield store

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A 24-year-old shopper was left ‘shocked and in tears’ after she was refused a PG-rated DVD at a Sheffield supermarket because she could not provide proof of age.

Neera Ishak was trying to buy a copy of The Missing Link on DVD at Sainsbury’s in Archer Road, Norton, at the store’s self check-out, as well as another U-rated title.

But an age warning flashed up and she was then asked by staff to prove her age.

PG-rated titles are, according to the BBFC, ‘suitable for general viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.’

Miss Ishak said: “The lady who was standing there asked if I have ID, but I didn’t have any, only my bus pass.

“I tried to reason with her, but she called over another lady and they started reading from the back of the box.

“She said she can’t sell me a PG, but could sell me the U.

“They took me to customer services, and the same message came up on the screen.

“I could see the message and it said check ID for 12, 15 or 18, not PG.

“The lady said to me, ‘no this is a 12’, because she was reading a message on the box about viewing with parental guidance.

“ I asked if she watched movies, and she said no.

“I was really shocked and confused. I was in tears at the checkout.

“I never expected this and I was already having a bad day because my bus didn’t turn up.

“I suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression and it really made me feel bad.

“I tried to reason with the lady but she didn’t understand, even the manager didn’t.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “We obviously apologised to Neera and we’ve also re-trained our colleague to make sure we get this right in the future.”