Whirlow meat for school meals

Whirlow: Top quality pork
Whirlow: Top quality pork
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Instead of quizzing their kids about what they had for their school lunch, parents can quiz the people who feed their kids.

School dinner ladies will be out in force at the Food Festival’s family area in the Winter Gardens, and putting on a healthy vegetarian cookery show at noon on Friday in the Festival Kitchen on Fargate.

Caterers Taylor-Shaw, who supply school meals to 17 Sheffield primary schools, will be staging demos and handing out free fruit.

The firm will be launching their new school menu featuring locally-reared pork they will be buying from Sheffield educational charity Whirlow Hall Farm at the Festival.

“It’s a win-win situation,” says Peter McGrath, MD. “Children get top quality sausages and pork dinners because we’re buying straight from the farm, and a very worthwhile charity gets our support.”