‘We want more’ say job seekers

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Job seekers in Sheffield are expecting to be paid £1,500 more than last year if they get a post, according to jobs website MySheffieldJobs.co.uk

The company’s Alex Hodgson said: “After a big dip at the beginning of 2009 the numbers have been pretty flat for a considerable period as candidates lowered their expectation to match a flaccid jobs market.

“However, the drip, drip of good news stories about the UK and regional economy throughout 2013 is getting through to Sheffield jobseekers and they are feeling more confident about demanding what they feel they are worth.”

MySheffieldJobs’ analysis is based on the average salary expectations entered by candidates when registering on the company’s site.

After matching pre-recession levels in the second and third quarters of last year, expectations shot up in the fourth quarter to the highest they have been since MySheffieldJobs started collecting data in mid-2007.

The company also analysed figures from a sister site in Leeds, which showed job seekers there wanted £600 more than their Sheffield counterparts.