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Somebody should have warned him...In Wednesday’s Star we featured London MP Jim Dowd’s attack on the origins and desirability of Henderson’d relish, writes Martin Smith.

Of course we have taken up the issue on Hendo’s lovers and our readers’ behalf and you have bombarded us with your reaction to Mr Dowd’s attack.

Henderson's Relish

Henderson's Relish

Yesterday we published some of your comments and because you’ve sent in so many we thought we ought to air a few more.


Here’s what you have been saying:

Jim Butterley: Shandy suppin suthern lightweight. Get thee sen summert wi a reet tang too it. Hendooos. Stuff fer mesters. Not fer leetweights tha knows

Lewsham MP Jim Dowd in Hendo's row.

Lewsham MP Jim Dowd in Hendo's row.

Lisa van der Kraan: There’s nothing else tastes like Hendersons – the bottle is the one that stands out on the shelfs. I don’t even like L&P

Angela Jayne Kotterer: We take it across the border to the Black Forest where I now lived after being born and bred in old ole Sheffield

Nigel Short: I will be voting for the Tories in the next General Election as a protest against this idiot Labour MP

Jeff Law: Having moved down South last year, I brought 8 bottles of Henderson’s with us as I knew the southerners had not heard of it, every time my relatives come down they bring a new supply, this MP is a clown.

Lynne Cocker: The man clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. All my relative that live down south stock up with Henderson’s.

Roy Aldrich: Poor man, education is a marvellous thing if used properly

Sarah Gillett: I buy boxes at a time to bring to Cornwall, I’ve run out and will be getting more when up in Feb. It’s the spice of Sheffield and even though I don’t live there why shouldn’t I bring some with me, Sheffield’s where I grew up and it’s part of my childhood.

Lynne Gibbs: Now is the time for our local MPs to stand together and put this man right.

Viscount Sandham: I once had such a wincing paper cut that I found it difficult to get out to collect my giro. After trying the usual medications and casualty services at the Northern General I was left in agony and shame THANKS TO THATCHERS CUTS!. When I returned home I had chips and pie for tea and some Hendos splashed onto my finger. MIRACULOUSLY the cut healed within the next 24 hours leaving my finger BETTER THAN EVER!. Thank you Hendersons.

Nigel Short: Was talking to my Mum about this this morning. She puts a capful of Hendos in a bucket of water before cleaning her windows. It stops streaks

Wendy Begley: I now live in Dorset, so my mum brings me a couple of bottles every time she visits. We all love the stuff.

Martin Bonner: I get this imported up to the north east. Even the Geordies love it. Worcester sauce is inferior rubbish

Kate Cribbes Mitchell: I am an Aussie, and I have been initiated in to the rightfully proud Hendo’s way of life. He has totally and utterly misunderstood Henderson’s Relish, and to say it’s an own brand rip off of Worcestershire sauce is putting it in the category of companies who produce cheaper but almost the same products for the sake of them being cheaper. Relish is NOT a copycat.

Per-Gunnar Eriksson: In order to help investigators from Henderson’s track down “escaped” bottles I’d like to confess to smuggling not one but two across the borders all the way to northern Sweden. (Where they spice up my meals.)

Kate Lewis: Errmmm I recently moved to the Wirral and I confess to bringing a couple of bottles with me....