VIDEO: Sheffield Ghost Stories - The Campo Lane barghast

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Sheffield city centre is full of spooks if Victorian tales of ghosts are to be believed.

Former Star journalist and supernatural expert David Clarke is inviting readers to bring their own ghost stories to him today to go through the facts.

Ghost Stories with David Clarke

Ghost Stories with David Clarke

He has written Scared To Death, featuring some of the era’s best hauntings.

We have included one in The Star every day this week and here is the final in the series. It is the most elaborate ghost story associated with Campo Lane and features the barghast goblin.

This is how it was told by a worker whose grandfather made pocket knives and kept a pub on Green Lane, near Paradise Square.

“One of his men was lame and compell’d to have crutches to assist him to travel for a number of yeras. This person was out late one evening and had to come on Campo Lane, he saw (or fancied he saw) the Bargast coming towards him on Campo Lane At that time the Paradise Square was a field and a stile at the top to go over.

“When he first saw this goblin he though within himself: “If I can but get over this stile into the field I can go down the hill merrily.”

“He managed over this stile, but the fiend gained ground on him. Faster he went and fast it followed, he ran with his crutches till his fears came thicker and faster, and this demon was still getting nearer.

“Seeing this goblin close at his heels, he there dropped his crutches and away he went without them. He never stopped or looked behind him until he got home.

“The wife had the door made, but him being in such a fright had not patience to wait until she opened the door but burst it open.

“He told the wife what was at the door, but she was the worse frighted at him coming without his crutches than at the Bargast, however they were a little reconciled and went to bed.

“He could not rest from fright etc, got up at daylight to go in quest of his crutches; he found them in exactly the same place where he dropt them.

“He went to his work the next morning and his shopmen was nearly as frightened to see him come trotting to the shop without his crutches as he was when he saw the Bargast.

“However he was so overjoyed that he gave his shopmen a treat of some ale, and they spent the day cheerfully; and he for his own part never used crutches again while he lived, and he lived a many years after this.”

David Clarke will be signing copies of Scared To Death in The Star shop on York Street from 3.30pm today followed by a free ghost walk at 5.15pm around the city centre.