VIDEO: Sheffield Eagles can make it to the Super League and attract up to 4,000 fans says boss

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Sheffield Eagles claim that a new ground in Don Valley and entry to the Super League can create a fan-base of around 4,000 in years to come.

Ken Jones, Eagles’ Chief Executive, said the plans to transform the area around the former east end stadium should transform the fortunes of a club that is currently having to play in front of a few hundred people in Doncaster.

Ken Jones, visionary for the Eagles

Ken Jones, visionary for the Eagles

“Sheffield is a sporting city; it has a great opportunity to sell the Eagles, sell Rugby League as a brand, and we can’t miss that opportunity . If we get the stadium that we want - and the location is ideal for us in the old Don Valley area - I think there is a great opportunity for us to bring 2-3-4,000 people into the gates and enjoy Super League rugby” he said on video at

The key to winning a new army of fans was to provide “an exciting brand of rugby league...Super League is another crucial element” he said.

“But I think it is that emotional tie that we need to play on and get people of Sheffield supporting a Sheffield-based team. Super League is where the big funding is, its the elite of Rugby League so we want to be in there in the mix and enjoying life in a whole different world.”