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We want to get South Yorkshire folk in their kitchens and creating food with love again. Each week we feature a readers’ recipe - and challenge YOU to make it....

My Bake Is Chocolate Heaven...

Student Jess Dodds with her chocolate cake for the ready, steady, bake challenge

Student Jess Dodds with her chocolate cake for the ready, steady, bake challenge

Enterprising Sheffield Hallam 19-year-old English student Jess Dodds runs a cake-baking business around her English studies. Red Velvet Baking specialises in celebration and wedding cakes. Jess, 19, makes her signature bake, a red velvet with a dark chocolate ganache, twice a week.

“I’ve baked since I was little. My dad taught me - my mum can only cook lasagne and pasta bake. Now dad does the savouries and I do the desserts,” says Jess, who hopes to be a journalist.

“This yoghurt cake recipe has been handed down through my family,” she says.

“My nan, Irene Creagan from Chapeltown, got it from somewhere. She used the recipe every year for my birthday cake when I was little. It has an intense chocolate flavour and keeps moist for days because yoghurt is used in place of butter.”


Moist Chocolate Cake

Makes: one 8inch cake. Cost: £4.77


5floz vegetable oil

5floz natural yogurt

4 level tbsp golden syrup

6oz caster sugar

3 medium eggs

8oz self-raising flour

3 rounded tbsp cocoa powder

½tsp bicarbonate of soda

½tsp salt

Heat oven (160deg.c for fan-assisted). Line/grease an 8inch tin (base and sides).

Beat oil, yogurt, syrup, caster sugar and eggs in a bowl with a wooden spoon to a smooth, pale paste. Sift in the flour, cocoa powder, bicarb, and salt and mix well. The mixture will look quite runny; don’t worry.

Pour into the tin. Bake in centre of oven for 30-40 mins. During the baking, the crust will look a little dark and may feel firm, but it is just the sugar caramelising. In last half of the baking period, test by pressing lightly on the sponge - if it bounces back to shape, it’s done. Or use a skewer. It should comes out clean.

Leave in the tin to cool, then turn out onto a wire rack.

Eat plain, or decorate with melted Galaxy chocolate and Smarties. Or split in two and spread with raspberry or butterscotch buttercream and top with chocolate ganache (200ml cream to 200g dark chocolate).

Try Jessica’s recipe and email in a pic of you with it - and your comments. Or send us your own recipe for other readers to try.

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