Video - our review of today's top stories in Sheffield

Welcome to The Star’s review of today’s top stories: two stabbings in one evening, Extinction Rebellion disrupting a council meeting and 900 people calling for the Full Monty club to be saved.

By David Walsh
Thursday, 13th February 2020, 9:06 am

Business editor David Walsh was joined by Louisa Harrison-Walker, managing director of Benchmark Recruit, and Lucy Prior, business engagement director at Sheffield rail-tech company 3Squared.

Two teenage boys are in hospital after being stabbed in separate incidents in the London Road area on Wednesday night. Police are treating the incidents as linked. What can be done to halt knife crime? And just how dangerous is Sheffield?

Extinction Rebellion disrupted a Sheffield Council meeting accusing it falling to act a year after declaring a climate emergency. The protest group wants a restructure to tackle the problem at a local level. It’s a huge ask - do you have sympathy with the authority? Or should the council drop everything and tackle this first?

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The Star paper review. From left: Lucy Pryor, David Walsh and Louisa Harrison-Walker.

Some 900 people have signed a petition to save the Full Monty Club in Shiregreen which is set to be demolished for housing. Is it part of the city’s cultural heritage – or did that film damage Sheffield’s reputation and is it best forgotten?

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