VIDEO: Making Moor progress on Sheffield city centre

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It’s true when they say you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs - especially where The Moor is concerned.

Passers-by stopped in their tracks in Sheffield city centre as diggers began demolition work, marking the dawn of a new era for the shopping street.

Demolition work begins on The Moor in Sheffield city centre.

Demolition work begins on The Moor in Sheffield city centre.

Scenes of shattered buildings, rubble and other debris were reminiscent of the aftermath of the World War Two air attacks which devastated the city in December 1940 as the block of buildings from the corner of Rockingham Way were torn down.

The work is making way for an 80,000 sq ft store to be occupied by a ‘major fashion retailer’, a range of restaurants and a rooftop cinema.

Martin Black, aged 62, of Pitsmoor, had been watching the action all afternoon.

He said: “It’s strange seeing it all being brought down. The street feels a lot less closed-in now. It’s about time it got a new look.”

Author Neil Anderson, who has written books on Sheffield’s shopping scene, said: “It’s hard to know what’s happening with Sevenstone. The Moor seems to be the only place in Sheffield centre where you can see redevelopment happening.

“The Moor holds a lot of fond memories for people, there was a real will for it to happen in the early days.”

Investors predict the development will be open by 2015.

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