VIDEO: Demolition under way at Sheffield’s Castle Market

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A famous Sheffield landmark will soon be no more after demolition of the city’s legendary Castle Market began.

The former magnet for bargain hunters is now filled with mounds of rubble, piles of steel and demolition machinery.

Demolition work has started on the Old Castle Market in Sheffield.

Demolition work has started on the Old Castle Market in Sheffield.

Some 32 workers are on the site, tearing down the historic complex to clear the site for a commercial development. The demolition company arrived in December and workers are set to raze the market to the ground by November.

Danny Baldacchino, site manager for demolition contractors Hughes and Salvidge, said: “Everything – all the stalls – had to be stripped inside and once that process was done, that’s when we could get the machines in.

“Obviously you have all your rubbish – we have had 200 tonnes of general waste go out. We’ve also had in the region of 100 tonnes of steel go out. But almost everything is recycled – 98 per cent of the waste is recycled now. Next we will be going into the upper and lower ground market to demolish that.”

The demolition workers will leave the site at ‘slab level’, enabling phase two to begin – where the ground will be dug up in preparation for archaeological digs.

Due to historic Sheffield Castle ruins beneath the market, some parts of the site will be demolished by hand, while the ground will be protected by steel plates.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council cabinet member for business, said: “Some people will be sad to see the market go, but it’s an important step in terms of the regeneration of Castlegate, which is a key area for the city. We can make it much more attractive for people to walk through.”

Already under way is the council’s Grey to Green project, which aims to transform 1.3 kilometres of redundant road surface and infrastructure in the Castlegate and West Bar areas into attractive new public space.

Coun Bramall said: “It will put a lot more green spaces and trees in the area and along the road that fronts the market.

“There’s been some office development in the area and businesses have moved in just across the road.

“Ultimately, we want to create a new park in the area which will expose whatever ruins might be available and regenerate the whole area.

“It will be a really attractive area that people will want to spend time in.”

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