VIDEO: Customer ‘disgusted’ at infestation of mice at popular Sheffield pub

A shopper was left ‘disgusted’ after an infestation of mice at a Sheffield pub put him off his food.

Saturday, 20th July 2019, 10:52 am
Updated Sunday, 28th July 2019, 2:34 pm

Cole Pemberton noticed the unwelcome squeakers at the Steel Foundry Wetherspoons pub in Meadowhall yesterday, and has since complained to the pub’s management.

He said the ‘family’ of mice were coming through a hole behind one of the radiators, running into the pub to pick up scraps of food before scurrying back to their lair.

The whole experience left him sick to his stomach and unable to finish the food he had just bought from another eatery at the Sheffield shopping centre, he said.

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A still from the video sent in by Cole Pemberton showing an infestation of mice at the Steel Foundry pub in Meadowhall.

“They were everywhere – running all over the floors and on the radiators,” he said.

“When we went and investigated to see how many there were, there was a hole behind one of the radiators which they kept coming through.

“There was a family of them. Big and small running along the floors picking up food and bits that were left there.

“To be quite honest it was disgusting. We were trying to eat our food and we just saw something run across the floor through the glass. Then more mice kept running up and down.

“It really did throw us off our food we had bought elsewhere and we ended up wasting it.”

Earlier this year, a rat was seen in the Benjamin Huntsman Wetherspoons pub in Sheffield city centre.

After that incident, a spokesperson apologised to customers and said pest proofing would be carried out.

Wetherspoons have been contacted for comment.