Ventura backs hi-tech talk

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Call centres could be heading for a major boost in their capacity to deal with customers thanks to technology developed in collaboration with Rotherham-based Ventura by communications group TalkTalk Business.

Ventura provides contact centre support to several major companies across the UK from its Dearne Valley operation.

The company has been helping TalkTalk to develop new ‘Voice over Ethernet’ technology which radically increases the number of calls that can use the same line at the same time.

Current ISDN30 technology can cope with 30 calls at a time, but Voice over Ethernet can increase that 25-fold to 750 simultaneous calls.

Ventura’s head of IT, Andy McKenzie, said: “We’re delighted to have been involved in this ground-breaking project and even happier that this technology means a greater quality service for our customers operating across a range of sectors.

“TalkTalk Business has given us the flexibility to allocate or cancel lines to all our clients more easily, helping us cope with the seasonal demands and peak sales periods experienced by our clients.”

TalkTalk Business’ Ken Bailey added: “Ventura was an excellent partner and we couldn’t have developed the product without their support and knowledge of providing call centre operations to such a breadth of sectors.

“As a result, Ventura is now leading the way in the call centre industry.”