V04HOME’s energy-saving partnership in Malta

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VO4HOME, the Rotherham-based domestic energy conservation specialist, is winning new business from Malta.

The Sheffield Road company has joined forces with leading Maltese environmental products and services business, CD Power Saving, to market its innovative voltage optimisation device to householders on the island.

VO4HOME’s device saves electricity by matching the voltage supplied to that required by a range of domestic appliances.

Supply voltages can be significantly higher than the 230 Volts which electrical appliances are designed to run off and cutting the voltage down not only reduces the amount of electricity used, it also extends the life of appliances which would otherwise run hotter than they are designed to run.

Tests by two professors from Malta’s University showed VO4HOME’s equipment could cut domestic electricity bills for people on the island by eight per cent on average, but saving would be even higher for the increasing number of Maltese homes with air conditioning.

“We are constantly looking at new products and technologies that will be of benefit to our customers, and we were very excited when we came across VO4HOME’s voltage optimisation product,” said Martin de Bono, managing director of CD Power Saving. His firm has bought a significant number of VO4HOME’s units and sees the product becoming one of, if not the, company’s flagship product.