‘Under pressure to find land for homes in Sheffield’

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HUNDREDS of people have commented on the plans to build housing on green and open spaces since the proposals were revealed a year ago.

Sheffield Council said it has received 711 public comments, 513 of which were objections.

The figures do not count separate petitions sent in to the authority.

Sheffield Council set a target of building 35,000 homes between 2004 and 2026 and said that it aimed for more than 90 per cent to be on brownfield land.

The council still needs to build 20,325 homes to meet its target but is reviewing the figure because of the slowdown in the economy and demand for housing.

The decrease in demand has led to a reduction in houses planned for green and open sites.

Coun Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for business, skills and development, said: “We are under pressure from the Government to identify enough land for future new homes in Sheffield.

“If we do not identify enough land then developers are likely to win appeals to Government to be able to build where we do not want them to - like in the green belt.

“We don’t want this to happen. We want to try and protect as much of Sheffield’s green space as we can. With the pressure on land there are some hard choices to make but saying that, let’s be clear - the vast majority of housing land would still be brownfield.”

Coun Bramall added: “Once we have agreed our proposals, we will send them to government. There is a chance they may say we have still not identified enough sites.

“If this happens, we will have no choice but to review sites in the Green Belt.”

The council’s cabinet will be asked to approve the list of proposed sites at the end of February, after which they will have to be passed by the full council.

After the decision is made, there is a six-week period for further public comments before the plans are passed to the Government for final approval.