Umbrella has it all covered

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A Sheffield firm that lays claim to being Britain’s biggest manufacturer and trade-only supplier of promotional umbrellas has got its future finances covered with help from Barnsley-based IT specialist Wharncliffe.

The Umbrella Company, based at Portland Business Park, on Richmond Park Road, started looking for a new financial system after deciding its existing system was no longer up to what was needed.

“Because of the nature of our business, we had no choice but to find a comprehensive system that would really boost efficiency,’’ said sales director Stephen Reeve.

The Umbrella Company opted for a new Sage 200 accounting system, partly because it gave them the chance to replace two separate IT systems with one covering every interaction with distributors and customers across the UK.

Mr Reeve was full of praise for Wharncliffe. “The personal service we received along with a detailed analysis for each stage was refreshing,” said Mr Reeve. “Wharncliffe knew the importance of doing things properly.”