Turbo training suiting Casey

Casey Allen.
Casey Allen.
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Teenage Turbo Queen Casey Allen is looking at a bright future as a mechanical engineer.

Casey, aged 17, is currently completing her Level 2 Apprenticeship in mechanical engineering at Foxwood Diesel, an engine reconditioning and engine rebuilding specialist for the bus and coach industries, based in Old Whittington, Chesterfield.

Former Brookfield School student Casey began working at Foxwood Diesel when she was 15 as part of a work experience organised by her school.

“Originally I wanted to be a teacher but I also wanted to do something different,” she said.

“Being a massive fan of cars my dream job was to fix F1 cars in the pits, so I was really intrigued by engineering.

“Originally I intended to split my two-week work experience between Foxwood and a school but I loved the work at Foxwood so much that they agreed to let me stay for a second week.”

After completing two weeks work experience with Foxwood, Casey’s passion grew for engineering and she worked for the company during her six-weeks school holidays before being hired as an apprentice when she finished her GCSEs.

As the only girl working on the shop floor of the company Casey is known as the Turbo Queen by her colleagues because of her love of stripping down and reconstructing turbo engines. “I love getting my hands dirty. One of my favourite things to do is refurbishing a turbo engine. I like the fact I can make it look brand new.”

Workshop supervisor at Foxwood Diesel Matt Jamson oversees Casey’s training.

He said: “She is very driven and thrives on the experiences and variety of the job. Like many apprentices Casey is very willing to learn and keen to improve herself. She is a real asset to the company.”

As part of her apprenticeship Casey attends NLT Training Services’ workshop, based in Brimington, every Tuesday to undergo additional training with qualified instructors.

Although she is getting hands-on practical experience at Foxwood, her training with NLT also covers additional mechanical engineering skills that she may not experience with her employer.

She explained: “My training at the NLT workshop covers hand fitting, milling and turning modules. The turning module is really useful because we use the lathe which is something we don’t really do at Foxwood. It’s a great extra skill to have.”

Casey is now determined to get to the highest level she can within the apprenticeship framework.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to gain experience, learn skills and get paid. I plan to do Level 3 and get to the highest level I can until I’m fully qualified. Eventually I would like to combine my skills with teaching and have my own turbo specialist business where I can employ people and teach them like I’ve been taught.”

She added: “Foxwood is a great company to work for. They’re really supporting me. What I’m doing with my employer, combined with the training and qualifications I’m getting at NLT, will give me skills for life.”

NLT Training Services is a Group Training Association with training centres in Chesterfield and Scunthorpe, and has charitable status.

Established in 1974, it both recruits and trains apprentices in engineering and manufacturing related subjects, working to the requirements of both Ofsted and funding bodies.