Trees felled as work begins on Rotherham roundabout

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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Preparation works have begun in Rotherham town centre as part of the first stage of a major £5 million road improvement scheme.

A number of trees have been felled on and around the Pool Green Roundabout, at the junction of the A630 Centenary Way and Main Street, in preparation for the Rotherham Council’s scheme to convert the roundabout into a four-lane junction.

“Unfortunately, the trees - sycamores planted 30 to 40 years ago - conflicted with the proposed works,” said David Phillips, Transport and Highways Officer for Rotherham Borough Council.

“However, we have liaised closely with our trees and woodlands officers on deciding the best time to remove them.

“They have been taken out now to prevent birds nesting in them so ensuring they and any fledglings would not then be disturbed when utility diversion works begin in the coming months.”

The utility works will be followed in September by the main works, which are expected to be completed in the spring of next year when a new landscaping scheme, including 32 new trees and 40,000 bulbs, will be planted.

The scheme will see the existing roundabout and the current pedestrian subways removed and replaced with a larger four-lane junction. Level signalised crossing facilities will replace the subways, allowing pedestrians safe access between the town centre and Masbrough.

The scheme is costing approximately £5.1 million, of which £3.438 million is being paid by the Department of Transport’s pinch point fund, which is geared to removing bottlenecks on local highway networks that are preventing growth. Rotherham Council is contributing £1.6 million to the scheme.