Tramlines worth £9m to Sheffield

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Tramlines Festival has an economic impact of £9m, according research by academics at Sheffield Hallam University’s Business School.

The three-day music festival returns for the eighth time on July 22 with a main stage at the Ponderosa Park, which upped capacity dramatically.

Now Dan Prokop and Dr Andrew Johnston, from the International Business and Economics Research Group at Hallam, have crunched the numbers to reveal the value of the event to the city’s economy.

They say research suggests the average spend by festival goer at an urban event, such as Tramlines, is around £65 per day. Using this as a baseline, and assuming overall attendance is similar to 2015, Tramlines will generate around £9m over the three days.

If, as other research has suggested, about 60 per cent of the people are tourists then they estimate some £5.4m of the total comes from outside the local area, representing a significant injection into the city’s economy.

Dr Johnston said: “These figures highlight the importance of the festival to the City’s economy, especially in the summer months when the student population temporarily decreases, removing a significant source of revenue for local entertainment venues.”

Figures show Tramlines is the biggest urban music festival in the UK, attracting 100,000 people over three days. Weekend tickets are £42.

Headliners for this year’s festival include Dizzee Rascal, Jurassic 5, Kelis, Goldie, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Mystery Jets.