Time and money get in way of children’s play

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Mums and dads in South Yorkshire are struggling to find the time to play games with their children – with 40 per cent confessing they have time only at the weekends.

Long working hours and commuting mean three-quarters of parents no longer have time to play sport, bike ride or chase around with their children, according to a survey by Sheffield Hallam University and school sport organisation Team Activ.

Three per cent of parents admit they are so busy with work they play physical games with their children only on holiday.

The research, conducted by the university’s business students from 330 surveys of the parents of pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 at Barnsley schools Burton Road, Dodworth St John, Joseph Locke and Shawlands, asked parents how often they played physical activities as a family with their child. Just a quarter said every day.

Meanwhile parents in Sheffield are forking out nearly £1,500 to keep their children entertained during the summer holidays.

A third believe there are not enough free things to do with their children, and a quarter have searched for coupons to cut costs, the Travelodge research found.