Three day masterclass for businesses

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Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg has called on British people to find new ways of making a living and innovating to create jobs and growth for the 21st century.

Mr Clegg was speaking at the launch of MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival 2012, the third festival of its kind to be staged as part of a drive to make people think of Sheffield as ‘the entrepreneurs’ city.’

He told guests at the launch, hosted by Festival sponsors, lawyers Irwin Mitchell: “The MADE Festival provides a national showcase of entrepreneurial dynamism, innovation and above all, optimism. This is why it enjoys universal political support.

“We need to find new ways of making a living, new ways of innovating, new ways of drawing on our fantastic manufacturing, industrial and engineering heritage and translating that into new products, new jobs, and new growth for the 21st century.

“And I’m convinced that entrepreneurialism is indispensable to that economic reinvention.

“The best time to launch a new business, to branch out and try something new, is during times of uncertainty and change. It takes courage, dynamism and optimism – and that spirit will be on display at the MADE festival in September.”

Michael Hayman, chairman of MADE, said: “Entrepreneurs are the steel in the backbone of Britain’s economy.

“At MADE, businesses will find a festival where ideas and relationships can be forged and new business opportunities can be built.

“We have launched our most ambitious ever drive to recruit 3,000 of the country’s brightest and most brilliant entrepreneurs. It’s a call out to the nation and we want Britain to listen.

“MADE will celebrate, inspire and accelerate Britain’s entrepreneur culture and provide a destination for business.

“In year one the festival was a start up, in year 2 it became high growth, this year it aims to be nothing short of world class,” added Mr Hayman, co-founder of public relations company Seven Hills and StartUp Britain, the national campaign which aims to inspire, accelerate and celebrate entrepreneurship in the UK.

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