Three burst water mains affect Sheffield residents and businesses

Flooding in Haymarket. Photo: Subhankar Bhattacharya
Flooding in Haymarket. Photo: Subhankar Bhattacharya
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Hundreds of Sheffield residents and businesses have been left without water this weekend after a serious of burst mains.

The first problem was reported in Broomspring Lane, Broomhall, on Friday evening.

Yorkshire Water said it was a 'major' burst and it took until the early hours of Saturday morning to get the supply back.

The second happened in Haymarket, Castlegate, at about midday on Saturday. Water began pouring out of a crack in the road.

The water is now back on but Yorkshire Water called it a 'complicated repair' which took some time.

Today a main burst in Ellesmere Road, Burngreave. The supply has been turned off and repairs are ongoing.

Yorkshire Water said it could take two hours before water is restored.

A spokesman apologised for any inconvenience and said: "Residents who have a telephone number on our files and are in areas that could be affected should have received either texts or voice messages warning of the issues,"