Third Great Escape venue brings 20 jobs

Hannah Duraid
Hannah Duraid
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A young ‘escape game’ entrepreneur is set to open her third venue, creating 20 jobs in Sheffield.

Hannah Duraid has spent £350,000 converting space in St James’ House on Vicar Lane.

It can host up to 48 players an hour and includes three differently themed ‘escape rooms’.

Hannah launched the first Great Escape with partner Peter Lacole in Sheffield in 2015. The pair met while travelling and discovered the phenomenon while waiting for a plane in Malaysia.

They opened a second in Leeds in October last year and now employ 30 - with 20 more in the pipeline.

Expansion is set to continue, with three more UK venues planned to open this year.

The concept fuses horror movies and detective dramas with Krypton Factor-style challenges.

Hannah said: “I’m excited for the public to see the journey we have been on.

“Our new games transport you away from the reality of day to day life and into worlds of adventure.”

The new site includes ‘Submerged’ which allows two teams to play each other, while ‘Abducted’ is billed as Sheffield’s first 18+ horror escape game.

It also has a licensed bar and private event area.

‘Games Masters’ and ‘Potion Mixologists’ are needed to staff the workforce.

Live escape rooms have been a craze since their introduction to the UK almost three years ago.

Made popular by classic TV shows such as Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard, they are now some of the top attractions in the UK’s biggest cities.

Aaron Giles, creative development manager, said: “We are really looking forward to seeing our supporters’ faces when they see how far we have come and unveil how much further we plan to go.

“Submerged could be the most technologically advanced game the country has seen, it allows two teams to battle each other in a deep sea game of cat and mouse.”

The first venue, on Sidney Street, had 27,000 visitors in the first year.

The second site, in Leeds, pulled in 1,519 visitors in its first month.