The Star says: Extend Supertram and take control of buses in Sheffield - and move on from shambles of HS2

The Star today launches a campaign to extend Supertram to Sheffield’s hospitals and take buses back into public control - and move on from the shambles that is HS2.

Thursday, 18th November 2021, 2:02 pm

Improving access to the Northern General and Hallamshire via the city’s most popular form of public transport has the potential to benefit everyone.

And running buses for public good and not just private profit would reverse years of cuts and help meet environmental targets.

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Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East, said he was angry that years of arguments and angst were for nothing.

Our demands come on the day the government is set to officially announce HS2 through Yorkshire has been axed.

After years of promises, followed by nothing but delays and leaks, it is finally ending the agony with the publication of its Integrated Rail Plan.

But rather than wallow in disappointment, or reproduce government spin, we are moving on.

An artist's impression of the HS2 line.

Now, with the backing of city MPs, we want upgrades that are more relevant to readers. And we believe that after so long without investment it is our right.

Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East, said he was angry that years of arguments and angst were for nothing.

He said: “The government’s handling of HS2 has been shambolic. They’ve shown a complete lack of understanding of the importance of public transport in the North, including Sheffield.

“We’ve argued about the routes, people have had to move house and business has faced years of uncertainty - and government suddenly pulls the plug.

HS2 through Yorkshire is being axed.

“We have a right to expect investment in Sheffield. HS2 was a significant project but it didn’t touch on the daily lives of most people in the city.

“It’s time to focus on things that are more relevant and more immediate.”

Alstom's proposed design for HS2 Ltd.

The city’s two hospital’s are a ‘nightmare’ for parking, he added. Supertram extensions serving both sites would ease the problem and benefit the environment by cutting car use.

Mr Betts also called for the funding to help South Yorkshire mayor Dan Jarvis take control of buses through franchising, which would lead to more and joined up routes at better times that better connected with Supertram.

The Integrated Rail Plan was today due to announce the cancellation of the eastern leg of HS2 through Yorkshire. And a new line from Leeds to Manchester will be axed in favour of upgrades to existing lines.

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