The Star’s We Want to Work campaign - Giuseppe’s job hunt

A4E 'Giuseppe Costagliola
A4E 'Giuseppe Costagliola
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ITALIANS are renowned for their passionate nature and Giuseppe Costagliola is no different – but it is not stereotypical fine wine or food the flamboyant 44-year-old adores.

He lives for the far less glamorous pursuit of plumbing.

Giuseppe, the first candidate to tell his story as part of The Star’s We Want to Work campaign, began training as a plumber in his homeland at the age of 16 and went on to open his own company employing 22 people.

After moving to Sheffield in 2002, he opened restaurant Italiano in Chesterfield Road. Despite the eatery being a success, his love for plumbing never died.

He sold up after three years to set up his own business in the UK but the company fell victim to the recession. Getting his overseas qualifications recognised by employers has proved an obstacle in his quest for work.

Giuseppe, of Totley, said: “I like hard work. I don’t care if it is Saturday or Sunday, or Christmas Day. It is critical the job I do to be able to go out to people and fix the problem when they need me to. I have a passion for plumbing.

“The qualifications I got were 20 years ago. I have so many years’ experience but they are hiring younger people with no experience.”

The Star has teamed up with A4E, which delivers the Work Programme in Sheffield on behalf of the Government, to give some of Sheffield’s 17,316 people who are out of work the chance to pitch themselves to potential employers.

Giuseppe hopes The Star’s We Want to Work campaign gives him the chance to show what he can do.

He said: “Benefits are very helpful but they are so small, a lot of the time you are struggling. I have two kids and it is important to me as a man to provide for them.”

If you are an employer with a vacancy you feel would be suited to Giuseppe, contact A4e Sheffield 0114 2894792.