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Hair treated by the Nanokeratin System
Hair treated by the Nanokeratin System
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A hair treatment promising A-lister gloss has arrived at Meadowhall.

The Nanokeratin System, described as a revolutionary new hair treatment favoured by hair lovelies Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie, uses a replenishing formula that is locked in when hair is blowdried and styled, creating ultra-smooth glossiness that lasts up to three months.

It’s arrived at the Alan Paul salon on the centre’s Park Lane.

Scott Bradshaw, salon manager, explains: “Healthy, natural hair is glossy, full of shine. This look is always at the height of fashion, especially in the summer when the sun gives everything added shine.

“Keratin is the primary protein that makes up hair. The Nanokeratin System treatment replenishes natural keratin levels and helps hair return to its natural, shiny, smooth state. Treated hair is also faster to blow-dry (sometimes by as much as 70 per cent), so it’s perfect for professionals on the go who want to maintain their healthy hair glow.”

The Nanokeratin System treatment costs a pricy £120 and consists of a formula rich in cashmere keratin particles which is applied to freshly-washed hair and is then blow dried and styled to lock in to repair and nourish hair immediately.

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