The Moor: Paving way to turn around ailing fortunes

Moor re-development plans.
Moor re-development plans.
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TRADERS and shoppers had mixed views about whether the £15 million plans to revamp the top of The Moor with a new shop building and better paving will reverse its flagging fortunes.

While some believed better stores may be attracted by the promised new building and more attractive street scene, others said it may not be enough.

Shopper Dave Mappin, a retired tool maker aged 68, of Herries Road, Southey, asked: “The problem is, what are they going to put in those shops? Everything seems to be closing down - the only businesses that are growing are betting shops.

“The council would be better demolishing the offices at the bottom of The Moor and making it a proper through street, which would bring in more trade, and getting rid of some of the traffic restrictions.”

But Nick Shepherd, who runs The Humble Pie hot food stall, said: “I think the plans will work - and if the project happens it will be brilliant.

“Something like this has been a long time coming but if it can be built in the next couple of years and attract some big names before Sevenstone goes ahead, it will help attract shoppers.”

Another shopper, who did not wish to be named, agreed. She said: “The top bit of The Moor near Debenhams is okay but as you go nearer the bottom it’s like a junk yard. Having better shops should improve things - if it happens.”

Steven Mustoe, aged 26, of Woodhouse, who works at Eurochange, on Pinstone Street, argued work to revamp The Moor would not be a success unless combined with Sevenstone going ahead.

“Both need to happen together. At the moment, everyone goes to Meadowhall,” he said.

Ray Newman, who runs a vacuum cleaner stall on The Moor’s outdoor market, predicted the investment would ‘bring more people down here’ but voiced concern about the fate of stalls like his once revamp takes place.

He said: “At the moment, the council plans to relocate us to new 10ft by 10ft stalls which are not big enough and not as weatherproof as these.”

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield welcomed Scottish Widows’ announcement.

He said: “I’m pleased the regeneration of The Moor is moving ahead. This new development and the back on track Moor market scheme will bring much-needed jobs and new businesses into the city centre.”