Tech: WANdisco narrows losses as it aims for Big Data slice

Software firm WANdisco said revenue was up 13 per cent, but remained loss making, as the business takes its first strides in the Big Data market.
David Richards, chief executive of WANdisco.David Richards, chief executive of WANdisco.
David Richards, chief executive of WANdisco.

Revenue was up from £3.26m, the previous year, to £3.72m for the six months ended June 30. The group also said adjusted EBITDA loss had been reduced to £6m from £6.2m.

David Richards, WANdisco chief executive, said: “Our penetration of the Big Data market has taken a big step forward in the first half of this year. We added eight new customers in the second quarter alone and the first three Big Data customers went into live production with our new WANdisco Fusion product.

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“Our partners increasingly view WANdisco as crucial in enabling their customers to go into live production with new Big Data applications. We are working increasingly closely on go to market activities and product integration with selected partners such as Oracle, IBM and Hortonworks.”

Big Data brought in £520,000 in revenue in the first half of the year for the Sheffield based tech company.

The term Big Data refers to data that is so large and complex it cannot be processed using traditional desktop computers.

It is used by Internet giants such as Yahoo, Netflix, Amazon and eBay to keep their operations going.​

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WANdisco’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) business, which allows people to work on the same document across different devices, brought in £3.2m for the same period, no change from the first half of 2014. Sales bookings in ALM dropped from £4.63m to £1.96m

Mr Richards said: “In our ALM business, as previously highlighted, the transition in our sales organisation impacted sales during the period. Our offering remains highly relevant to today’s increasingly distributed software development operations, and our live customer base of over 200 corporations offers ample sales opportunities. We have increased our focus on our core ALM offering and devoted more sales resource to this business.

“With a compelling new Big Data product, increasing engagement of high-quality partners and a well-established ALM product, we expect to build momentum through the rest of this year.”