Taxi fares rise rejected, but only for the time being

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Black cabs owners have been refused a request to increase fares by 20p per mile by Sheffield Council licensing board

They rejected the Sheffield Taxi Trade Association request, due to lack of detail, but agreed an annual review of fares, starting in October.

Acting board chairman, Coun John Robson, said: “We refused their request because they gave no information of how the 20 pence figure had been arrived at. We are not unsympathetic to the fact that they have rising fuel and insurance costs, however there are a lot of people who have had a pay freeze so, with inflation, are effectively having their wages cut.”

Coun Robson added that the council’s new Sexual Entertainment Venues Policy had also been approved, which includes initial registration fees of £1,335 per venue, annual renewal fees of £1,000, and levies of £1,000 to vary licences or £500 to transfer them.

The council has agreed to allow venues permission to advertise as long as publicity does not include any pictures.

Spearmint Rhino, based on Brown Street, said a clause in the policy allowing advertisements in the vicinity of clubs but not elsewhere was a ‘severe restraint’ upon its trade.

The owners of La Chambre, a club for partner-swapping, on Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, were told the fees would apply to them, despite a protest that the club does not provide entertainment, with customers ‘themselves consenting to any fun they wish to have’.