Taxes are child’s play with Steve

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THE problem of paying taxes? It’s child’s play.

Financial planner Steve Taylor, of the Taylor Oliver Partnership, spent a day in the classroom with young pupils at Newbold CofE Primary School as part of the Young Enterprise Primary Programme. And his major challenge was how to explain taxation to a class of 28 seven-year-olds.

“It involved lots of imaginative thinking!” said Steve, from Chesterfield. “We put 22 of the class into the private sector and gave them jobs and an imaginary salary of £30. We then made the rest of the group public sector workers, who didn’t receive anything. It was then explained that tax had to be paid from the £30 to pay the public sector workers and for public services.

“It may have been a very simple approach to taxation but it did give the children some idea of what we adults have to face every day.”