Tax row adds to misery

Break-up pain: Carol Russell had a nervous breakdown.
Break-up pain: Carol Russell had a nervous breakdown.
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WHEN Carol Russell’s marriage broke down, her world fell apart.

She suffered a nervous breakdown which saw her signed off work, close the curtains and stay in the house for weeks.

But the dental nurse insists the last thing she did before sliding into despair was cancel tax credits and child benefits she was receiving for her daughter, who now lives with her father.

HM Revenue and Customs, which administers the payments, has a 30-day deadline to be told about changes.

Carol, aged 50, of Intake, Sheffield, says her child benefit stopped straight away.

But an HMRC blunder saw her tax credits continue for three months before the error came to light – and now it wants £1,718.81 back.

Carol, who is still not back at work after the trauma in 2009, says she has no money and lives on the breadline.

She added: “I notified HMRC in good time that my daughter had moved out. I’m still not working. I simply don’t have any money.”

The Revenue admits it failed to update her information quickly enough.

As a result it dropped £500 from the total it was demanding.


HMRC has now abandoned its claim.

Carol said: “Thank you so much. I can’t believe it’s over after all this time.”

An HMRC spokeswoman said they didn’t comment on individual cases.