Tamara has sights set on engineering post when school finishes

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Although Tamara Baker is only 14, the Dinnington Comprehensive pupil has her heart set on being an engineer and is well aware of how hard it could be to get work when she leaves school.

“People are saying it’s hard to get a job and I thought, if I come here, I would get experience that would help me to be one step ahead,” says Tamara, when asked why she opted to join the Work-wise Employability summer camp.

“I thought that, if I came here, it would help me decide whether I want to do engineering when I’m older. Now I know I do.”

Tamara is considering joining the RAF to realise her ambition, but says her time with Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre-based Advanced Manufacturing (Sheffield) has shown her there are other options.

“It’s opened my eyes to the fact that there is not just one route to my goal. Before I thought I could only do what I wanted by going into the RAF, now I know there is just as good stuff in companies as well,” she says.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the people, it’s been fun but it’s also taught me lots. I’ve enjoyed it all. It’s been really good. It’s opened my eyes to the fact that there are more than just engineers in a company, you need all the bits of a company to have a successful business.”