Sushi demand feeds new jobs in Dronfield

Gunstones Bakery in Dronfield has taken on more staff
Gunstones Bakery in Dronfield has taken on more staff
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More than 200 jobs have been created at a bakery near Sheffield in just two months –taking the workforce to 1,400 people.

Gunstones bakery and chilled foods has created the jobs at its Dronfield factory.

Parent group 2 Sisters, which acquired Gunstones from Northern Foods in 2011, says rising consumer demand for more fashionable lines like sushi and flatbreads has fuelled the job creation.

Gunstones has taken on section leaders, process controllers and general operatives, as well as human resources and technical employees and says it hopes the jobs will still be needed after the usual seasonal peak.

Veepul Patel, divisional managing director, said: “Summer is traditionally a peak time for our chilled foods operation, but this year we have seen a unprecedented demand for categories such as sushi and sandwiches from our customers.

“It’s great we can draw from a pool of talent in the area to meet demand, at the same time as giving the local economy a boost in tough times.

“Some of our operations are quite labour intensive and we have to ensure quality, presentation and volumes are absolutely spot on.

“These extra workers will certainly help us to achieve our objectives.”

The Gunstones family started a business in 1862, went on to open their first bakery in Sheffield in 1925 and built the current factory in Dronfield 63 years ago, in 1950.

Gunstones’ chilled food factory makes sandwiches, rolls and sushi, while its bakery makes a variety of bread rolls, hot cross buns, iced buns and garlic bread.