Support scheme aids pet treats business

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A Rotherham woman who has launched her own business selling natural toys and treats for pets is targeting expansion with the help of Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

Lauren Booth launched her business, 4 Little Paws, on a part-time basis two years ago and approached the Chamber after deciding to go full-time, while she was also studying for a degree in animal health and welfare.

She has been working with Chamber Business Community Support Officer Jav Khan and has been so impressed with the advice he has given her that she has put a fellow entrepreneur with whom she shares an office in touch with him.

“While running a business, you may know your goal but you could miss something important along the way. Therefore it is very helpful to have expert advice from the Business Community Support Officers and, of course, the great thing is that it’s free,” said Lauren.

The Business Community Support project has attracted £1 million from the European Regional Development Fund.