Supplier arrives top of listings with a bang

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Double Queen’s Award winner Melett has arrived in the Top 100 SMEs listings with a bang.

The company, which supplies replacement turbo charger parts to the motor trade, missed out on a Top 100 listing in the past because it previously submitted abbreviated accounts.

Now, it not only tops the table of Barnsley’s most profitable companies, but also heads the table for the Sheffield City Region.

Melett, based at Zenith Park, on Whaley Road, was founded in 1995 and lays claim to being the market leader when it comes to supplying replacement turbocharger parts to the independent aftermarket.

The firm is an approved supplier to several vehicle manufacturers, who use its components in remanufactured turbos for their own aftermarkets and boasts a sales team able to speak “fluent turbo” to French, Spanish, Russian and Polish speaking customers.

Melett supplies parts to turbocharger reconditioners in more than 100 countries and last month opened a new North American Centre, in Memphis, Tennessee, primarily to serve the US and Canadian markets, but also as a shipping point for customers in Mexico or South America.

A five fold increase in profits has boosted Dransfield Properties from seventh to second in the table of Barnsley’s most profitable SMEs.

The Tankersley company specialises in retail led regeneration schemes and, having originally focused on food store developments, has expanded into non-food retail projects and major town centre extensions.

The company has developments at Stocksbridge, Penistone, Hull, Morpeth, Oldham and Walsall.

Glass Recycling UK has risen from eighth to third in the Barnsley table after a more than fourfold increase in profits.

The Carlton company is the UK’s largest independent glass recycling company and collects thousands of tonnes of glass bottles and jars every week from more than 7,000 bottle banks, located at local authority and private sector sites.

Two years ago it invested in equipment to sort coloured glass before turning it into cullet for glass manufacturers, having previously invested in equipment to extract unwanted metal, ceramics, stones and paper from the glass it collects.

Last year’s Barnsley table topper, Moloney Technologies, has slipped to fourth, despite increasing profits by £130,000.

Moloney started out in the food business and owns Enterprise Foods, which supplies 25,000 products to 1,100 stores and 5,000 food outlets, including convenience store chains, food service operators and craft bakeries across the UK.

The group has an e-commerce division, which includes a weight loss programme, called LivSmarter, aimed at male dieters and a communications division, specialising in telecommunications, networking, surveillance, detection, alarm management and intelligence systems.

2012 SMEs - Barnsley

1 Melett 6,754

6 Dransfield Properties 3,328

8 Glass Recycling (UK) 2,990

21 Moloney Technologies 1,746

29 Riverside Motors Holdings 1,426

35 Distinction Doors Holdings 1,248

40 Company Shop 1,193

43 Carlton Main Brickworks 1,081

45 Compass Holdings 1,034

61 Intake Developments 776

63 Warwick Ward (Machinery) 750

69 Cannon Hall Farm 637

72 Wetherby Electrical Holdings 620

91 Haywood And Padgett 516