Subversion system helps company double income

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WANdisco’s Subversion system dominates the software development market and is aimed at organisations that develop commercial software or bespoke administrative packages used in running their own businesses.

Subversion enables developers around the world, who are working on different parts of a package, to keep track of different versions that have been created and ensure updates are made to the latest development version.

The development in Sheffield of uberSVN adds new features by allowing developers to integrate a range of commercial software development, debugging, testing, quality assurance and distribution tools. Work in Sheffield has also added a social networking facility, similar to Twitter, which enables software developers to let colleagues know instantly about improvements they have made to the version of the software they are all working on. The uberSVN software also allows developers to communicate with the system using Smartphones and tablet computers like the iPad.

Open Source versions of Subversion and uberSVN can be downloaded for free from WANdisco’s web site. The company makes its money by selling licences for professional and enterprise versions of the software and providing support and quality assurance for corporate users. This has enabled WANdisco to double its income each year, be profitable and self-financing.