Students start job hunts early

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STUDENTS in Sheffield are more career conscious than ever before – they are five times more likely to start job hunting before their graduation than they did 10 years ago.

A survey for found 25 per cent of undergraduates in the region are now looking for work before they finish their courses.

By contrast in 2002 just one in 20 students – 5 per cent –were eager enough to kick off their career hunt before their final year of university.

The data also shows that over the last 10 years more female students than male take the initiative to start looking for a post-graduation job early. Undergraduates in the Yorkshire and Humber region were the third most career conscious in the country, behind the south east and the north west.

Students at Welsh and Scottish universities were the least keen to find a job, with just 13 per cent starting before their graduation year.