Stocksbridge appeals for a tram-train

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TRANSPORT bosses have been asked to consider extending the feasibility study into the proposed tram-train trial between Sheffield and Rotherham to include a similar scheme between Stocksbridge and the city centre.

The Government has allocated £150,000 to study the possibility of a service between Sheffield and Rotherham using Supertram and rail tracks.

Stocksbridge councillor Jack Clarkson said: “I think it would be a good idea to consider a similar project from Stocksbridge to the Supertram track at either Middlewood or Malin Bridge, whichever is nearest to the railway line and then see if it possible to connect them up.

“It would take thousands of cars off the roads each week, reduce CO2 emissions and provide a fast commuter service over the 11 miles from Stocksbridge to the city centre.”

Heritage group Don Valley Railway is pressing ahead with its own proposals to operate a half-hourly commercial service on the Stocksbridge to Sheffield railway.

David Brown, of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, said: “Clearly, we are desperate to prove that the tram-train concept works, using the Sheffield to Rotherham route. If it is a success, there are lots of other potential areas it could work.”