SteelPhalt lays out £500,000 on fleet

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Rotherham road surface specialist SteelPhalt has spent £500,000 on four new lorries with fuel-efficient technology cutting transport costs and reducing emissions.

The new DAF trucks will deliver the company’s road surface coverings from the main site at The Ickles in Rotherham.

SteelPhalt transport manager Ian Bunce explained: “The new lorries are designed to keep our asphalt material warm, meaning it is in the same excellent condition when it reaches the site that it was when it left us.”

Adding extra safety features to the fleet, the vehicles all feature cameras with 360-degree vision for the driver in the cab.

They also include the latest trackers, meaning deliveries can be much more closely monitored, improving time management for both the company and the client.

“This represents a £500,000 investment for us and it is something we are extremely proud of,” said Ian. “As we enter a new year we are delighted that these new lorries will be helping extend the SteelPhalt name even further.”

Part of the Harsco group of companies, SteelPhalt specialises in the conversion of steel slag into a surface course for road making.

The exceptional strength and durability of steel slag extends the life of the road and lengthens road maintenance intervals for resurfacing. It achieves high skid resistance - enhancing road safety - and maintains it throughout the life of the road.