Start-up special: Adiam launches Tinder for tourist attractions

Adiam Amanuel was the person other travellers would ask about what to do and where to go on trips to far flung countries.

Friday, 20th December 2019, 11:45 am

But in India particularly, A LOT of people seemed to be in the dark, she says, which was a shame because there were so many things happening.

Adiam, an experienced traveller who had done her research, had the information but no way to share it.

It was then she had an idea.

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Adiam Amanuel won a tech start-up weekend with the 721 app.

She said: “I was sat on a train from Chennai to New Delhi, reading my notes of things to do in the coming cities when the idea really hit me - a tool where people can find out what’s going on in their local area, or the area they are travelling in, with suggestions tailored to them - reducing time, effort and stress when looking for new things to do.”

Adiam won a tech start-up weekend in April with the 721 app (7 continents into 1), where she met two of the now four-strong team, and it launched in the Google Play Store in September.

Focused on Sheffield at first, it has partnered with local businesses including twiddlefood, oakleycraft, and Sheffield food hall Kommune, who are able to log in and submit a listing.

And it comes with a simple Tinder-style ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ accept-or-reject feature that helps improve suggestions.

Adiam's 'super techy' teammates and co-founders from left: Bhav Prajapat, Alex Yates and Simon Bone.

Adiam added: “It’s free for all at the moment, we are getting money through affiliations and ads (we’ve made over two pounds woohoo!), but ultimately, we plan to charge partners per listing or a subscription plan.”

By the end of January, it aims to include a label system to categorise and filter content and launch an ios version.

721 is based in the Cooper Project at Sheffield Technology Parks, Sheffield.

The front of the Start-Up Special section in the Survey supplement in 2019.

Twitter: @721app

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