Star Opinion: iPhone leads to an I-Rant

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The launch of a new iPhone from Apple always gains plenty of publicity – and not just on the technology pages or programmes.

It is a product that has redefined the mobile phone and, whether you use one or not, the expensive device that you may be reading this column on has Apple to thank for setting the standard.

22 HOUR WAIT FOR IPHONE: Read the full story - CLICK HERE.

The phone also acts as a lightning rod – not literally, although it does almost everything else – for people to vent their feelings about technology.

The Star published a story about a man who queued for 22 hours to be first through the door at Meadowhall’s Apple store.

No sooner had the link been posted on our Facebook page than comments began to flood in, the majority of which were uncomplimentary to the gentleman involved.

The question has to be asked; why would people get so enraged by someone who is prepared to queue for a new phone?

Is it the urge to be first that annoys people or a kind of product envy?

In today’s society it is difficult to get by without a smart phone. Apps make life easier and keeping in touch with friends has never been simpler.

The paradox is that it gives us even more ways to be unpleasant to each other.