Stadium where dreams of Olympic Gold began

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The demolition of Don Valley Stadium is one of the most emotive issues in Sheffield this year.

Cash-strapped Sheffield Council ordered the move, saying it could no longer afford the £700,000-a-year costs and it needed expensive refurbishment.

A last-minute bid by a community group to save the site, with its iconic yellow steelwork, failed and the diggers moved in earlier this year.

The stadium was built for the 1991 World Student Games and, for a time, it was regarded as the best athletics venue in the UK.

Over the years, it has been the home to other sports, including the Sheffield Eagles rugby league team and Rotherham United Football Club.

It will perhaps be remembered as the place where Jessica Ennis-Hill trained.

More than 7,000 people viewed demolition photos after they were published on The Star’s Facebook account, and dozens shared and commented on them.

Almost all the comment was negative. Many said it was a poor reflection on the City of Sport’s Olympic legacy, while others claimed a sporting use should have been found for it.

Here is a selection:

Richard Davis: This highlights the real ‘legacy’ of the World Student Games. The same legacy that we’ll get from the Tour de France that’s costing Council Tax payers nearly a MILLION pounds to pass through Sheffield for a few hours in July this year. There’ll be no legacy in the same way there’ll be no libraries or children’s SureStart centres left. Complete misappropriation and prioritisation of public funds.”

Paul Rose: A criminal waste of a resource by bungling amateurs. With dreadful decisions like this is it any wonder Sheffield continues to fall behind other cities. Sheffield airport and silent planes anyone??”

Paul Oxtoby: Shame...that and the cooling towers

Alan McKenna: Don’t blame Council. Central government making cuts. Didn’t see any offers of help from their precious private sector

Andrew Bang Tidy Lomax: I am from Sheffield and I cannot believe that they have demolished such a good stadium that could have been put to good us i.e. for a football club. The council are a disgrace and they need to start thinking before demolishing things

Lynn Carnall: Shame on Sheffield city council ..end of an era ! sad sons school used that track and sports field !

Sarah Ludlam: DISLIKE !!!!!!!

Richard Hull: Such a sad set of photographs all due to the narrow short sightedness of sheffield city council. Hang your heads in shame

Gareth Derbyshire: Very sad time for Sheffield. Couldn’t they have offered it to a private company?. I was at the opening of the student games in 1991.