Spotlight on challenge facing business and bankers

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Challenges facing businesses and their bankers will go under the spotlight at the latest Star Business Round Table, being held in collaboration with Barclays Corporate.

Leading local business people will look at how new international regulations on liquidity and lending will impact on the need for refinancing and new funding to take advantage of opportunities for expansion, when they take part in the Round Table at Barclays Corporate’s offices in St Paul’s Place, Sheffield, tomorrow.

“There is a lot of talk about businesses and banks facing a “refinance spike” next year, when there will be real pressure on finance availability in the system,” says Chris Forrest, Sheffield-based head of Barclays Corporate in Yorkshire and Humber.

“This spike is due to a combination of the large number of businesses with loans maturing in 2012, as well as international regulations that are forcing banks to hold more capital, particularly against higher risk and longer term forms of lending, which is also pushing up the cost of those products. Banks need to explain that to their customers.” Edited highlights of the round table discussion, chaired by Star Industrial Editor Bob Rae, will appear in The Star’s Business Monthly magazine.

There will also be video and text on The Star’s website: