Spanish praise Sheffield computer graphics designers

The Spanish software company behind a leading furniture design package has praised LightWork Design after integrating the Sheffield company's 3D graphics system into its top product.

ACA Espaa's DecoDesign software is used by furniture manufacturers, retailers and their clients to specify the type of furniture, its finish, textures, and price. Until ACA incorporated LightWork Design's software into DecoDesign, users had to transfer data to other software packages if they wanted to see a high quality image of the design.

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ACA chief executive Pilar Horna said: "The use of LightWorks in our products allows our customer to see high quality images of their designs, which is something that they could only do before by transferring the model to a third party application.

"The speed with which we integrated LightWorks into our products was amazing and we are now shipping this to our customers only a few months after we made the decision to partner."


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