South Yorkshire speed cameras ‘just raise money’

Speed Camera on Sheffield Parkway
Speed Camera on Sheffield Parkway
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Speed cameras in South Yorkshire have overwhelmingly been branded ‘moneymakers’.

Hundreds of readers have cast their vote on The Star’s website at – with just 22 per cent saying they really improve road safety, compared with 78 per cent who think they just raise cash.

The vote comes after it was revealed a camera on the A57 Sheffield Parkway, near Cutlers Gate, has caught 14,955 drivers in just three years – raising a potential £897,300 in fines.

Posting on, reader Sprinkle588 said: “Anybody that says these cash cows are anything other than to make even more money from honest motorists are deluded idiots who are probably the ones causing a lot of accidents because of their heavy braking and poor motorway driving.”

And Grayling said: “They’re purely and simply money-making machines, you only have to look at some of the locations they’re placed in to realise that.”

Ignoranceisbliss posted: “They are and always have been a money-making machine. If they say it’s not, then let them put speed humps on the Parkway as that will slow drivers down.”

Awreetthen said: “The fines are purely a tax which has no relationship to either safety or capability.”

However, some motorists defended the cameras, saying the only people forced to pay were those breaking the law.

TW19 posted: Of course they raise money, but only from people breaking a law. If you don’t want to get fined, don’t break the law.”

And Sheffielderinthesouth posted: “It really is quite simple. If you do not want the fine or the points – dont break the speed limit.”

Chief Inspector Stuart Walne, head of roads policing for South Yorkshire Police, said cameras were important in improving road safety.

He said: “This isn’t really about money making – it is about trying to stop people using speed irresponsibly and causing collisions.”

And he said the A57 camera was needed as there was a history of collisions in the area as people changed lanes and came in at speed.

He said: “It’s not an area which has had a recent fatality, but it has had injury accidents, although that is reducing.”