Sourced direct from China and India

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The growth of Doncaster’s King Asia has broadened the company’s horizons when it comes to sourcing ingredients.

While fresh ingredients are bought as locally as possible, the company now deals directly with suppliers in China and India for some of the spices and other ingredients it uses.

“In the beginning we sourced ingredients from wholesalers and now we are getting a lot closer to the source of our supply chain,” says So Fong.

King Asia has held the British Retail Consortium Grade A accreditation for a number of years and, in line with that accreditation, carries out audits of its suppliers in China.

However, the fact that the Fong family originally came to the UK from China doesn’t necessarily make it easier to communicate.

“Our local dialect is Hakka. I have a smattering of Cantonese and that’s all,” says So Fong.

“Sometimes I have to take an interpreter – it’s a bit bad having a Chinese name and speaking English!”

So Fong sees scope for King Asia to continue to grow and to increase the market penetration of its Mayflower brand, taken from the flower that traditionally represents the fifth month of the Chinese year.

The company has space to expand within the 50,000 sq ft it currently occupies on the Doncaster Carr Industrial Estate and owns the other units on the site it developed, so there are no constraints on the firm’s ambitions.