Applications open for EyUp computer software course in Sheffield

As an Oxford graduate with a master’s degree in chemistry, Jess Hamby could have walked into a job at an investment bank or accountancy firm in the City of London. But instead she set her sights on becoming a software engineer and this year won a coveted junior developer role at WANdisco plc.

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Monday, 31st January 2022, 12:35 pm
“Whatever your education or work background, if you are interested in pursuing a career in technology I would say go for it with EyUp.” Read Jess’s story and find out how you could follow in her footsteps.

The Barnsley native entered the industry via EyUp, the award-winning Yorkshire tech skills academy which is offering a guarantee to its graduates – a tech job within six months or their money back.

She said: “I loved the course! It was super-interesting. Our trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable and I thought the mix between theory and projects was great because we were always implementing what we were learning along the way, which solidified our understanding.

“Whatever your education or work background, if you are interested in pursuing a career in technology I would say go for it with EyUp. It’s a great introduction to tech and you get lots of support while you are doing the course and afterwards. There is lots of interesting technology out there but finding the right company can be hard. WANdisco has the friendly culture and lovely people I was hoping for.”

Digital tech roles accounted for nearly a quarter of advertised job vacancies in Sheffield last year – you could get training in computer software right here in the city and even get your course fees paid

Course led to employment

At Oxford, Jess decided against a career in chemistry but knew she enjoyed the small amount of coding involved in her course. She spoke with friends about a possible career in technology and when one of them forwarded an article in The Star about EyUp, she decided to take the leap and apply for a place in the first cohort. Jess completed the course in December and won the job at WANdisco soon after. She is now working on world-leading software designed and made in Sheffield that helps farmers plough fields, healthcare companies predict diseases and astronomers find new exoplanets.

Jess said: “I have always loved the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths and I wanted a job where I could problem solve and keep learning and challenging myself on a daily basis. I love the aspect of challenge and reward: I am helping WANdisco to achieve its goals and developing myself at the same time, which is good in my books.”

What is EyUp?

Founded by technology entrepreneur David Richards MBE, EyUp teaches people the most in-demand methods used in software development today. It has partnered with leading provider iO Academy to deliver the award-winning coding course in Sheffield. The 16-week programme equips students with all they need to know to get their first job as a software developer and has been ranked among the best coding bootcamps in the world.

Apply now

EyUp is recruiting for its second cohort via to start on March 7. Eight places are available, including two places funded by a bursary scheme for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who are under-represented in the tech sector. The money-back pledge is for any graduates who complete the course and fail to land a tech job within six months.

There are plenty of good opportunities for EyUp graduates. Latest data from Tech Nation shows digital tech roles accounted for nearly a quarter of advertised job vacancies in Sheffield last year – 5,591 in a total of 24,501. A software developer could expect to earn £40,000 per year and a Java developer £52,500, according to Tech Nation’s analysis.

David Richards MBE, founder, CEO and chairman of WANdisco plc, said: “We are delighted that people like Jess Hamby are choosing to develop their careers with EyUp, which is open to anyone with aptitude, whether they are starting out in the world of work or midway through their career. Jess is a wonderful addition to our team and is already contributing to our code base with the support of her colleagues. With the skills she has acquired and is developing, she has a great future ahead of her.”

All applicants to EyUp are evaluated on aptitude rather than experience as part of the assessment process. Course fees can be paid up front or with payment plans from EdAid or Knoma.

EyUp offers classroom-based learning at Castle House, the open-plan office of WANdisco plc. For more information, please visit our website here