SME Green agenda has its limitations

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Almost a third of small firms in Yorkshire have made sustainable business practices one of their top priorities for the coming year.

But too many see sustainability as limited to ‘green’ initiatives like energy saving and recycling, according to new research from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

Martyn Kendrick, Lloyds’ area director SME Banking in Yorkshire, said: “Businesses in Yorkshire clearly see the benefits of sustainability, and they are carrying out their environmental responsibilities through recycling and being energy efficient.

“But for SMEs, sustainability also means interacting with charities, social enterprises and the community in which they operate; working responsibly within their supply chain and engaging with the next generation, through, for example, apprenticeship schemes.

“Some sectors are really leading the way.

“Other industries across Yorkshire can follow their example and help underpin the growth we are now seeing with practices that will give us all a sustainable future.”