Six weeks consultation over plans for rubbish sites

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CONTROVERSIAL plans for the future of the disposal of Doncaster’s rubbish will be published officially next week.

The Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Joint Waste Plan will be published on Monday, marking the start of a six-week period for people and organisations to make formal comments on the plan. It will decide on the sites where waste will be disposed of.

There is controversy over how the sites will be used, with Mayor Peter Davies refusing to back plans for one of the sites, at Bolton Road, Manvers, and abstaining from a cabinet vote.

He said he did not support long-term deals that tied the council to a single solution when new, more efficient and cost-effective technology may be available during the life of the project.

But he was already financially tied to the deal because of decisions before he was elected, he said.

The plan published on Monday identifies sites for waste development, including Sandall Stones Road and Hatfield Power Park in Doncaster.

Both have planning permission. The power park scheme attracted opposition from residents living in Hatfield, who fought the planning application.

There are concerns the Manvers site could be developed into an incinerator. A decision on the Manvers scheme is expected this month.

Copies of the plan and a response form will be available on each council’s website, in libraries, in main council offices and in customer service centres.

A council spokesman said: “There has already been extensive consultation and public involvement in its preparation. Any person or organisation who wishes to comment now must follow specific procedures set out in government guidance. These relate to a series of tests on whether or not the plan is ‘sound’, and complies with the law.”

Comments should be made either online or in writing using the response form and must be returned no later than 5pm on Monday May 23.